DBSK Lovers

Hello! This is a tumblr only dedicated to DBSK and runned by two portuguese Cassiopeias, OT5 shippers.

After we start posting random stuff in our personal accounts we decided we should do a blog only about DBSK (original idea by admin ladymitsuki)

We hope you have fun and please talk with us anytime you want!

as yunho said one time, this is not only ours, this is yours too, so enjoy it as much as you want

You're at home now and we are your family <3 Thats why we're DBSK Home! ^^

What is the value of being a singer over any other profession? When do you feel happy about being a singer?There are no words needed. I am happy with everything. I am happy that, as a singer, I can do the music I want to do. I am very happy to perform on stage; sharing moments with members who have the same heart and the same values.

2/100 bias; DBSK (because the whole band ruins me) ♥ 
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but i always wish you’re just a touch away.. [x]
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